Across the enterprise we have seen a significant improvement in visibility and cycle times when screening and processing various levels of security clearances that we did not have before.

—Chief Security Officer and Senior Vice President for Corporate Security at CACI

Using Fresh Haystack allowed our firm to considerably increase our efficiency in complex business case processing and reduce cycles by 2/3

— Senior Partner and Executive VP, CAO, CISO at Booz Allen Hamilton

Our Fresh Haystack integration was a necessary shift to our business processes & change management, and the efficiencies gained have paid off not only for the visibility and transparency into the hiring cycle but also for the integration of data that automated what used to be manual offline actions or inquiries thus saving time and resources.

—Director of Security at CACI

It is the best tool out there by far. We use it for EVERYTHING!!! It is a game charger for sure, especially with DCSA as it provides reports of anything they ask for in an assessment within seconds. It keeps each facility organized. It tracks: clearances, contracts, safeguarding, public trusts, foreign travel, adverse information, read ons, special access, you name it, it does it….

—Shared Security Services User

As a personnel security specialist with 30+ years with the Department of Defense, this system has all the bells and whistles.  The most important function for those involved in the personnel security program is accountability and the capacity to immediately access the subject’s dossier and accurately determine the status of the investigation, adjudication, and/or entire hiring process.  For the customer, the same is true.  Immediate and secure access into the system to track an individual eliminates unnecessary phone calls, status checks, and overall frustration with a process that is governed by executive order.

—Former Chief of Adjudications at the US Army Central Clearance Facility

This system is simply the best off the shelf product uniquely placed for this type of work.  The ability to assimilate so many databases into an easily managed adjudication process makes this product one of, if not the best on the market.  The fact that it can be used in a multitude of situations and is compatible in a number of areas makes it useful for across the board applications, not just in the personnel security arena but in any application where multiple databases need to be viewed and evaluated.  Having worked with other solutions I can typically say this one easily outdistances anything else on the market today. While I am not a technological person the ease with which this application can be fitted into the role necessary, is its strongest selling point. It quite honestly speeds the process of a tedious project!

—A 30 year veteran of the government, retired, former Hazmat Program Manager at TSA and Chief of Protective Services at U.S. Marshals Service

As the environment changes and personnel security takes a prominent place in an agency it is very important that they use technology to enhance their processes.  This technology needs to be efficient, effective, affordable and must provide communication and ad hoc reporting techniques.  The Fresh Haystack  meets all these needs and provides the capability of a tiered phased approach seamlessly implementing a pre-appointment program using a menu driven process.  This menu driven process allows the agency the choice of what process they would like to perform depending on the requirements of the position, sensitivity level and the scope of responsibility.  Fresh Haystack provides a complete paperless end-to-end process over and above expectations and can provide interfaces into and out of other systems. Fresh Haystack has streamlined the process so that funding and rework can be saved and managed.

As agencies move to performance based accountability this system can track each action processed for every case.  It can provide electronic interactions with the applicant/employee and can provide not only a fully automated adjudication evaluation worksheet but also a secured portal and electronic formats for mitigating issues.  Fresh Haystack is the tool that every Personnel Security program needs.

—Former Director of Transportation Security Administration’s Personnel Security Division