Personnel Vetting

Combining Continuous Vetting (CV), Counterintelligence (CI) and Insider Threat into a single analysis environment ensures that each of these critical functions are sharing information in the right context and only relevant alerts are raised. We are providing a holistic approach that breaks the mold of silos and pockets of excellence, to prepare integrated context for Cyber Security, Financial, Criminal, Foreign Influence, Identity Resolution, Behavioral Risks, Human Factor, Dark Web, Open Source and Social Media analysis. Our system provides notifications / escalations on the facilities, contracts and associated the workforce / companies under risk evaluation.

Our solution truly addresses continuous, multi-factor situational risk awareness across the entire Enterprise, along with all suspicious and reportable activities of selected individuals outside of the workplace in a way that is transparent and protects  privacy rights.

The ITD (Insider Threat Defense) module is based on the Enterprises’ ability to setup a risk baseline based on variety of data sources across critical programs and personnel, facilities within FH ecosystem to access, manage, investigate and mitigate Risk continuously.


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Continuous Vetting