About Us

Why Us?

Introducing Fresh Haystack, the cutting-edge division of CANDA Solutions – a trusted leader in risk management software and services. We specialize in revolutionizing business processes, driving digital transformation, and ensuring utmost security for Digital Onboarding, Industrial / Personnel Security, Insider Threat Defense, Investigation Management and Enterprise Risk.

Led by renowned IT consultants Chris Hagenbuch and Andrew Razumovsky, our team brings unrivaled expertise in case management, personnel vetting, risk / threat assessment, and insider threat defense. At Fresh Haystack, we are committed to delivering the industry’s most comprehensive and efficient risk-focused case management tool.

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of innovation, constantly investing in top-notch service delivery and ongoing research and development. With Fresh Haystack, you can say goodbye to time-consuming and expensive onboarding, security processing, and risk management challenges.

Our singular focus on security and risk ensures that we address critical industry needs, providing modern software solutions that deliver tangible benefits to government agencies and corporations. Experience comprehensive, accurate, and cost-effective software solutions with Fresh Haystack, designed to empower your organization with low-risk, high-reward investments. Join us on the cutting-edge of security and risk management.

What is Fresh Haystack?

Fresh Haystack is a “game-changer”, as some of our clients have described it post implementation. A comprehensive, logically structured, user friendly case management system, Fresh Haystack (FH) is a paperless, integrated, preconfigured workflow-based and automated case management solution. This platform built for the specific purpose of streamlining the complex risk management, personnel security and background investigation management processes. FH was built to transform organizations and empower modernization – cut cost, increase efficiency and productivity, enable automation – to deliver transparency, visibility and continuous improvements into the risk management processes. Fresh Haystack brings clarity to candidates, recruiting/hiring, security personnel, adjudicators, investigators and internal auditors. Our modular platform is easy to implement, allowing for a rapid, staged deployment based on the services catalog with follow-on releases of enhanced features to accommodate program breadth, secure integration needs and evolving requirements.

The continual changes to security and policy requirements are driven by the challenges in our economic landscape, the ever-present threats to our national security, and the evolving complexity of human resource capital and supply chains. These security requirements dramatically impact business resources, with executives and managers seeking operationally relevant tools to balance business and talent requirements with the enterprise risk posture.

Fresh Haystack is the first commercial software platform designed to meet growing demands of the National Security Enterprises, offering customizable solutions to government and corporate organizations in need of the Enterprise Risk, Threat Assessment and Personnel Security. The Fresh Haystack solution offers flexible and scalable installation by orchestrating a variety of existing services to meet the needs of any size corporate or government institution, on premise or in the secure cloud.

At the Helm


Chris Hagenbuch



Andrew Razumovsky



Chris Leonard

Chief Delivery Officer


Sharese Walker

Director of Operations

Working Groups

  • Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Security Reform Policy Council (SRPC)
  • Intelligence and National Security Alliance (INSA) Financial Threats Task Force (FTTF)
  • Associate Director, Telecommunications Security, International Association of Cyber Security Professionals.
  • Support Team Member for the PMI Agile Community of Practice
  • The Project Management Institute, Organization Project Management Maturity Model (OPM3)
  • Founding Member of the OASIS-IDTrust: Open Reputation Management System

Speaking Engagements

  • IDTrust 2008, The 7th Symposium on Identity Trust on the Internet Panel: Open Reputation Management Systems
  • Advanced ID Systems and Commercial Biometrics 2007 Consumer Biometrics and multi-factor authentication- Enabling the Identity Transformation in Social Networking
  • Enterprise Architecture Summit 2006. Building an Agile Enterprise and Panel: Perspective on Architecture Modeling
  • Government Executive Breakfast Briefings: FISMA Six Vital Strategies
  • National Defense Industrial Association (NDIA), Annual CMMI Technology Conference 2005: Process Discipline in the Information Age: Rethink the Quality Abstraction


  • Finalist in the Greater Washington Innovation Awards
  • Winner of the 2017 Global Awards for Excellence in the Case Management
  • Finalist in the Executive of the Year, Maryland Tech Council
  • Technical Lead on a Navy portal project that won the Naval Commander’s Award

Teaching Experience

  • FISMA and DIACAP Training classes
  • CISSP Bootcamp
  • Information Assurance in the real world
  • Agile Delivery Strategies for Government


  • Contributor Editor to – We are Smarter Than Me: How to Unleash the Power of Crowds in Your Business