Investigations Management

The Enterprise Investigations Management is a suite that provides a method to scope an investigation, auto-create leads that are extracted from candidate F85p/SF86 form inputs and additional case criteria, and then auto-assigns  eads based on the proprietary WATO (Work Assignment and Tuning Optimization) algorithm to investigators based on the multiple factors such as geographical location of the lead to be investigated, complexity of the case and others.  The Investigators Portal allows full-cycle accomplishment of:

  • Investigation initiation and assignment – Geography-based
  • Investigation Scoping – Auto-scoped based on Tiers 1-5
  • Investigator Travel – Minimized travel based on geographical assignment approach
  • Investigator Sourcing – Flexible sourcing via controllable queue
  • Investigator Assignment – Automated assignment, but with flexibility to manually assign
  • Investigator Review and Quality Assurance (QA) – QA checks built into workflow
  • Investigation Invoicing – Invoice generation via BI Contractor contract with expectation that invoices will be lower than normal due to geography-based lead assignment approach.