Supply Chain / 3rd Party Risk

The recent desperate hunt for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) and medical supplies (ventilators, testing kits, etc.) during the global pandemic has had numerous impacts, including driving competition and unparalleled friction between the USA and China,  still the full effects have yet to be seen. Global competition has highlighted the fact that critical customers – the Federal Government, States, hospitals, manufacturing facilities, and other businesses across our country – have very limited technological capabilities to accurately measure or predict urgent supply needs such as delivery timelines, costs, or needed volume; all at scale.

Our strategic partnership and integrated solution with a leading data provider, LexisNexis Risk Solutions, offers a full array of business data solutions to streamline and strengthen one’s procurement process. With the powerful combination of unparalleled data reach and proven analytics, agencies/corporations can tap into business intelligence to:

  • Verify a supplier’s self-provided data
  • Conduct thorough business audits
  • Uncover related businesses and potentially risky connections
  • Recognize suspicious activities or owners
  • Identify non-compliance with regulations
  • Streamline evaluations and ongoing scrutiny
  • Ensure consistency no matter who performs the research

Our combined solution provides better business data, workflow efficiency, compliance, and modern technology to help mitigate vendor-related concerns. From identifying and assessing a business and its associates to monitoring for changes over the lifetime of the relationship.