What sets us apart?

Our mission is “Verifying Trust”. The Fresh Haystack brand promise is to provide the most advanced case management ecosystem for complex Enterprise Risk business processes in the industry and federal government. We first built Fresh Haystack to address our clients’ requirements in Personnel & Industrial Security. Fresh Haystack further evolved into an advanced security, risk-focused platform featuring workflow-driven metrics, dashboards, integrations and automation. All of which has steered us to offer Enterprise Risk Management as an integrated case management platform leveraging information from various internal & external systems, fulfilling our customers’ need for digital modernization. In their words, this sets us apart.

As to the future of the Enterprise Risk and Industrial/Personnel Security Domain, Fresh Haystack is the only product on the market today addressing the end-to-end lifecycle from applicant onboarding through employment and offboarding. Fresh Haystack in a single, secure and modular platform combines:

  • Onboarding Hyperautomation:

Prescreen, Forms Automation, PreHire Background Screening

  • Integrated Risk Management:

Cyber, Personnel, and Physical convergence model

  • Collateral & SCI Security
  • Supply Chain Security
  • Continuous Vetting
  • Investigations Management
  • Suitability & Public Trust
  • Insider Threat Defense
  • CounterIntelligence

Platform-based Differentiators

  • Modernization Initiatives to empower efficiency & growth
  • Digital transformation (HR, Security, & Project Management)
  • Flexible Services Orchestration driving Hyperautomation
  • Integration Enablement supporting information flow for multiple, typically siloed business units
  • Metrics supporting continuous organizational improvement
  • Trusted Workforce 2.0 readiness (HR and Security)
  • Enterprise Risk Management for strategic & operational decision making
  • Our customers’ case studies:

Your experience as...

an Applicant

Human Resources


Project Management

an Executive

When I am hired, I want to reduce my manual effort, so that I can onboard fast and easy.
When hiring a cleared candidate, I want to make the process paperless and reduce manual touchpoints, so that I can make the applicant’s onboarding experience painless.
When hiring a cleared candidate, I want to make the process compliant, automated, and efficient, so that I can manage personnel security risk.
When hiring a cleared candidate, I want to minimize my manual effort and track onboarding status, so that I can reduce the timeline and deliver projects to customers.
When hiring and competing for talent, I want to make an applicant’s onboarding experience painless and efficient, so that I can increase productivity and billable revenue.

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