What sets us apart?

Ten years ago, our founders served as Enterprise Architects and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) overseeing multiple Personnel Security Case Management System implementations. We learned through this experience that the industry needed a security-focused case management platform to address the complex business processes comprising the Federal Government Security Clearance Industry. We built Fresh Haystack as an answer to industry’s security challenges without compromising compliance. Our workflow-driven metrics and internal/external systems integrations set us apart according to feedback from our customers:

As to the future of the Personnel Security Domain, Fresh Haystack is the only product on the market today addressing the end-to-end lifecycle of Industrial / Personnel Security.

Fresh Haystack in a single, secure and modular platform combines:

  • Collateral & SCI Security
  • Suitability & Public Trust
  • Network & Cyber Security
  • UEBA (User and Entity Behavior Analytics)
  • Insider Threat
  • Continuous Evaluation / Vetting
  • CounterIntelligence
  • Investigations Management


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