Digital Onboarding

The Deltek Government Contracting Industry Study (11th Annual Comprehensive Report) conducted in 2020 found that “finding, recruiting and retaining qualified talent continues to challenge the government contracting sector. Talent shortages and commercial competition for candidates have complicated matters for human capital management leaders.” It also discovered that “high turnover rates are affecting all companies, but 47% of large businesses are experiencing 16% or higher turnover”.

Findings in this report are significant and bring onboarding issues and automation to the forefront of the onboarding process. Another major challenge is the pandemic and the new “normal” with many large organizations planning to allow WFH (work from home) for an unknown period of time, if not permanently. This shift creates multiple challenges with applicant/candidate enrollment, onboarding procedures, collecting forms and fingerprints, and delivering badges and/or assets to the applicant/candidate.

Fresh Haystack developed a set of services (A to G on the diagram) which connect multiple business users and processes to remove bottlenecks in the cycle, enable seamless and automated integrations between Human Resources (Hiring and Recruiting), Project Management, Security and applicants/candidates. We crafted this solution to shorten the onboarding cycle, streamline the overall experience, deliver time savings, and provide hyperautomation customizable to any level of the organizations’ deployment strategy.