FARM Process

A fresh take on Agile, we FARM all that we do. Our fresh approach ensures continuous and improved productivity driven by customer requirements. With us, it’s easy.

Everything we do centers around our guiding principle – helping our customers achieve success and improving worker productivity. Most failing software development projects do so because of poor communication, inadequate testing, lack of budget adherence, or conformance to pre-set of vanilla industry standards.

Our approach, our FARM process, eliminates those pitfalls. We’ve taken converted failing government IT projects into referenceable accounts. This proprietary process, FARM, results from the combined experience of our team of seasoned IT professionals who have been on the front lines and intricately engaged with all aspects of development, case management, client requirements, and ultimately successful deployment to production.

The result? Business Process, Customer Experience, Data Process, and Risk Mitigation Process are all aligned and working in unison, providing results – results creating breakthrough Agility –


Our unique and fresh approach to Agile methodology results in improved information worker productivity. Based on the Agile manifesto: individuals and interactions are more critical than processes and tools, customer collaboration is more important than contract negotiation, working software more important than comprehensive documentation, and what we find most critical; responding to change is more important than following a plan. It’s our experience making the difference. We know what is needed and when. Our process accounts for variables, priorities, and deadlines to be adjusted, accounted for, and managed. All we do is Agile. It’s not just a one time Agile approach; it’s embedded in every aspect of our delivery. Our unique approach brings response to a change, along with the voice of the customer, and ensures following a plan forward is not only achieved for a near-term operational effectiveness, but is also flexible for future adaptation.


When we FARM, we take the focused approach of aligning four key success factors to ensure client success. Those four are business drivers, stakeholder needs, priorities, and outcomes. Traditionally these are stove-piped goals, independent of each other, and yet, individually each is critical for organization or mission success. We bring them together, break down barriers, align common attributes, and create a path moving everyone forward efficiently, effectively, aligned, and always working in the same direction.

Additionally, we always make sure client requirements using Agile are translated in the results, which are then aligned and prioritized with business needs, while feedback is constantly incorporated and product improvement is a daily task.

Result Driven

In order to provide the results clients, organizations, and missions demand from today’s environment, Fresh Haystack utilizes a focus on both customer and project driven results. Everything we do is centered on client requirements, creating impactful results and create client success. We know environments, requirements, needs, outcome, and mission priorities, fluctuate and change. Our approach accommodates these changes, and keeps requirements prioritized and results driven by client need.

Managed Approach

Our managed approach ensures all aspects of a project are reviewed, communicated, documented, planned, and executed. We manage and seamlessly deliver data driven information to provide client and mission success. We ensure clients are in the loop every step of the way, results are personalized to provide metrics, and insights and information are particular to each client, beginning with the set-up where we review critical success factors. Overlooked aspects to Agile implementation will compromise the very nature of Agile, with assumptions that are made creating roadblocks and stalling progress. Our approach disables these potential problems and provides clients a dynamic solution that creates results.

Agile Harvest

Agile Harvest Flow Chart