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Personnel Security Case Management
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Gone are the days of the Security Team being identified as the bottle-neck in candidate on-boarding and obtaining Entry on Duty (EOD). Fresh Haystack automates and accelerates the entire personnel security process and delivers a fast Return on Investment (ROI) that your Security Organization can bring to your company’s bottom line.

Defense Industrial Base Security teams have many common challenges:

  • Getting your new-hires and crossovers billable on contracts as fast as possible
  • Staying compliant with DSS and NISPOM
  • Accurately forecasting classified contract start dates for every candidate
  • Submitting error-free clearance packages to NBIB/DSS
  • Tracking, managing and reporting across all clearance submissions

With this Next Generation Personnel Security Case Management Business Case you will learn:

  • What each Prescreen costs you and what Prescreens cost your firm annually
  • What each Outgoing Visit Request (OVR) costs you and what OVRs cost your firm annually

By using Fresh Haystack, you will discover:

  • Compliance out-of-the-box
  • Shortened Onboarding Cycles
  • Metrics and Reporting on every step in the process

You don't have to sacrifice compliance for revenue and speed

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