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Instant Velocity with a Fresh Approach

Enterprise Industrial Security

Orchestrating the ultra-complex world of Industrial Security. Fresh Haystack is an on-premise or cloud-based software platform designed by Security professionals for Security professionals.

Enterprise Workforce Risk Management

Turn tradition upside-down. Instead of ordering data from a menu, have it served to you only when the right data changes in the risk context you selected. Don’t pay and pull; instead, pay only for relevant changes.

Enterprise Investigations Management

Streamline Investigations Management using automation and geo-coded or complexity based lead assignment with adjudication workbook to centralize, track and report on full investigation activities driving cost down while improving collaboration and quality.

Enterprise Personnel Security

Orchestrating the ultra-complex and policy-driven world of Personnel Security. Fresh Haystack is an on-premise or cloud-based software platform bringing efficiency, productivity, and visibility into the clearance case management.

How we do it

Let our automated processes work for you.

Out-of-the-box Integration

Our prebuilt workflows process Security Clearance requests for most Federal Government requirements. Additionally, our out-of-the box offering arrives ready to integrate with:

  • Many HRIS tools
  • Platforms such as Contract Systems, Data Warehouses, Time Reporting and Recruiting
  • JPAS exports.

Security Focused Process Improvement

Our data driven process is crafted to:

  • Rigorously comply with the Defense Security Service regulations governing Security Clearances, and
  • Impose data validations and SLA-based tracking to empower the Security professional, ensuring integrity and visibility into the process.

We create business intelligence by combining Personnel Security data with Human Resources, Contracts, Facilities, and Programs.

Onboarding Process Automation

Our automated Clearance Process begins the moment an applicant is qualified as a prospective candidate for the organization. Those candidates are immediately triggered for an automated Security Prescreen providing Human Resources with critical Security intelligence to use during the interview process.

Once the candidate accepts an offer we immediately create their Security Clearance request. Automating this process reduces the onboarding cycle by close to two-thirds, and improves the number of qualified candidates joining your organization.

Personnel Lifecycle Workflows

The Personnel Security process is time consuming and hard to manage. Delays are overwhelming and your organization is losing valuable time, money, and resources. Our out-of-the-box workflows cover full lifecycle processes for Collateral & SCI Security and Suitability / Public Trust:

  • Initials & Upgrades
  • Reinstatements & Crossovers
  • Periodic Reinvestigations
  • Incoming & Outgoing Visit Requests
  • Debrief & Off-boarding

Our numbers say it all

Minimizing Errors, Increasing Throughput & Cutting Cost adds up!

% Reduction in the Security Processing Cycle Time

% Reduction in submission errors to OPM

Billions Records Searched

Million dollars generated via increased billable opportunities

Mobility with a Fresh Approach

Stay Connected

Anytime, anywhere! Don’t let being on-the-go slow you down.

Instant Updates

Stay engaged with your business on the move.

Secure and Compliant

The quality of service you’ve come to expect, no matter where you are.

Productivity on the Move

Integrated operations and data-driven security service for your customers.

Return on Investment


The goal of our platform has always been transforming the organization’s Security office into a strategic player at the business decision making table. We’re committed to partnering with you to deliver the ROI necessary to accomplish this goal. Our platform returns both intangible and tangible benefits. Intangible benefits like expanded strategic insight and customer satisfaction are truly difficult to measure. However, tangible benefits (such as reduced operating costs, decreased onboarding timelines, minimization of errors, candidate quality, efficiencies gained from resource allocation, and reduced shipping costs) are seamlessly assigned a dollar value and calculated, providing immediately recognizable benefits:

Tangible Benefits

  • Increased gross revenue
  • Decreased onboarding cycle-time by nearly two-thirds
  • Improved number of qualified applicants and conversion rate
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Reduced error rates (80% lower than industry standard)
  • Reduced shipping costs
  • Decreased internal Clearance Processing timeline

Intangible Benefits

  • Streamlined employee processes providing clarity
  • Enhanced strategic insight
  • Enhanced insight into organizational risk posture
  • Positive applicant/employee feedback


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